The Law of Non-Profit Organisations

Our services in detail

  • Foundation support for non-profit organisations (gGmbH, Stiftung)
  • Consulting services for foundations and associations
  • Restructuring of non-profit organisations (gGmbH)
  • Termination of the non-profit character of an organisation
  • Accounting procedures regarding the application of funds (Mittelverwendungsrechnung)
  • Creation of capital reserves
  • Outsourcing of subdivisions
  • Voluntary personnel
  • Problem solving regarding value added tax (VAT) matters
  • Checking of principles of non-profit organisations
  • Internal controlling and accounting
  • The law of associations and foundations
  • Drafting and checking the articles, cooperation agreements and participation agreements
  • Economic efficiency and valuation checks


Dr. Bernd A. Marschall

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