Our services in detail

  • Consulting services for owner-managed and medium-sized companies, partners, shareholders and managing directors concerning restructuring and critical financial situations
  • Commercial analysis and valuation of companies
  • Integrated corporate planning, including the creation and controlling of liquidity and financial plans as well as integrated business plans
  • Assistance and conduct of refinancing negotiations with credit institutions
  • Consulting services and assistance with standstill agreements, credit agreements (bridging and restructuring loans), securities agreements, trust agreements and relationships
  • Consulting services and assistance with restructuring in adherence with employment and company law regulations
  • Checking fiscal and financial consequences of restructuring measures (e.g. loss carried forward, interest barriers, real estate transfer tax)
  • Checking restructuring reports and concepts
  • Mergers and acquisitions in crisis situations (distressed M&A)
  • Consulting services and assistance in private equity matters
  • Checking civil and criminal liability risks for managing directors, partners and shareholders


Dr. Bernd A. Marschall

Shareholder | Authorised Officer | Team Leader

Lawyer | Certified Lawyer in Employment Law | Certified Lawyer in International Business Law