Insolvency Law

Our services in detail

  • Insolvency-proof structuring
  • Avoidance of insolvency challenges
  • Defence of administrators’ claims, in particular avoidance of claims and liability claims against shareholders and managing directors
  • Protection of creditor’s rights
  • Debtor insolvency – Enforcement of accounts receivables and securities
  • Creditor protection – Ongoing supply to insolvent customers
  • Filing proof of debt claims
  • Consulting services in case of supplier and security pooling
  • Representation of creditors in the course of an insolvency plan
  • Avoidance of liability risks for managing directors and shareholders


Dr. Bernd A. Marschall

Shareholder | Authorised Officer | Team Leader

Lawyer | Certified Lawyer in Employment Law | Certified Lawyer in International Business Law

Stefan Runstuk

Authorised Officer | Team Leader