Competition and Trademark Law

Our services in detail

  • Consulting services in conforming with competitive behaviour
  • Consulting services and representation in supplementary competition proceedings (protection against imitation, excluding patent and design patent law)
  • Consulting services for know-how protection, in particular protection against the enticement of customers and employees
  • Checking and responding to warning letters
  • Preparation of warning letters, including cease and desist letters
  • Preparation and filing of statements of defence
  • Legal representation in competition law based interim and main proceedings
  • Domestic and international trademark search and trademark filings
  • Advice and representation with registration processing, in particular opposition proceedings
  • Drafting and checking trademark licensing agreements, trademark purchase and transfer agreements, trademark trust agreements, coexistence and prior rights agreements
  • Checking and consideration of anti-trust-law in trademark-related agreements
  • Structuring of intellectual property rights within the company group (patents, utility patents, design patents and trademarks)
  • Representation in and out of court in brand and trademark disputes, including interim injunctions


Dr. Bernd A. Marschall

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Lawyer | Certified Lawyer in Employment Law | Certified Lawyer in International Business Law