Welcome to the Erlanger Treuhand Group

The Erlanger Treuhand provides comprehensive services for corporate clients. We consider all relevant perspectives of your situation in order to develop a economically and legally sustainable solution tailored to your needs.

From our pool of specialists we form suitable teams to fulfill the specific requirements of each individual request.

You will have only one contact person from our fiscal or legal department who coordinates all requests. We link and interlock our expertise from the different departments so that the respective areas are complementary and all possible consequences are considered. We use this network of expertise within our group to make you feel confident with your corporate decisions.

With regard to international matters we can benefit from our worldwide network of partners and business relations, if required.

We provide a comprehensive and intensive consulting service to our clients

In order to meet these requirements we employ an outstanding amount of professionals (auditors, tax consultants, lawyers), enabling the utilisation of the required specialisations which results from the increasing complexity of the framework.

Independent of the company size - from freelancer to a group of companies - each client benefits from a networked combination of expertise.

Sophisticated clients are our challenge. We lead you through unknown territory and actively point your attention towards possible opportunities and potential for improvement.

Our Membership of WIRAS Verbund International

The Erlanger Treuhand Group is member of WIRAS Verbund International.

WIRAS Verbund International is a network of tax consultants, auditors and lawyers with an actual amount of 209 affiliated partners (offices) within 169 cities within 44 countries (as of January 2022). All foreign affiliated partners have German-speaking professionals and contact persons. Each year, 4 network meetings take place in Germany and abroad, which we regularly attend in order to maintain and expand our individual network. Due to these contacts a smooth, uncomplicated and competent consultancy in foreign legal systems worldwide is possible.

Thus, we provide a professional and individual consultancy by German speaking tax consultants, auditors and lawyers even abroad.